Wacom Ink SDK for verification

For fraud prevention

The Wacom Ink SDK for verification combines dynamic and static signature verification with the ability to enroll multiple signature references, providing greater confidence that signatures are genuine.

What is Signature Verification?

When people provide a signature, it is usually consistent, but not identical. Signature verification is a method of comparing the similarity of two signatures and identifying instances where the two signatures do not meet an defined level of similarity. These signatures can then then be flagged for further examination by other means.

Unlike other methods of verifying identities, signatures signal intent on the part of the signatory. The ability to verify their authenticity with confidence provides businesses with a more cost-effective way of securing legally-binding commitments and preventing fraud, when compared with other biometric verification systems.

The Wacom Ink SDK for verification combines the following technologies:

sign pro PDF API

The sign pro PDF API for iOS, Android and Windows enables organizations to integrate their existing systems or applications with the sign pro PDF app to realize a mobile electronic signature solution. The API provides access to the same functionality as the sign pro PDF App, handwritten electronic signatures, freehand form-input and document annotation, as well as biometrically verifiable signatures when used with Wacom digital pens and styli.

This API’s licensing model and features ensure it is scalable enough to cater to rapidly growing organizations and those whose potential user numbers vary widely.

Dynamic Signature Verification (DSV)

DSV is software that uses the assessment of dynamic data including variables such as pen direction, stroke sequence, pen up movement, pressure, speed, etc., to help verify the authenticity of signatures. By embedding a solution enabled with the DSV SDK within a Wacom tablet that is used to generate the signatures, this data can be used to compare two signatures with a greater degree of accuracy. As a result, it becomes much more difficult for anyone to get away with signature fraud.

Static Signature Verification (SSV)

Wacom SSV is image processing software that performs an automated comparison of two scanned signatures. It does not take into account variable data such as pen stroke length, pen pressure, etc.

An extra layer of security

The Wacom Ink SDK for verification offers both dynamic and static signature verification and enables the enrollment of more than one signature reference for enhanced verification accuracy. This combination enables organizations to leverage existing signature images, but build a transition to dynamic signature verification. As a result, it becomes a valuable element of any multi-factor authentication strategy within organizations that need to protect themselves effectively against identity fraud.