Wacom Software

A new layer of value

The next generation of Wacom digital ink software is adding a completely new layer of value to organizational workflows that require electronic signatures and other handwritten input.

Digital Ink Innovation

Wacom software enables the creation, visualization and secure storage of consistently accurate, biometric digital ink data. This data can be used to reliably and attractively visualize handwritten inputs on any device, in use cases across digital document workflows, multi-factor authentication, and medical care.

This is how Wacom is leading a wave of software innovation that will enable organizations all over the world to harness the power of digital ink in new ways.

Signature Capture and Form-processing

Our software for signature capture and form processing consists of the following core products.

sign pro PDF Family

sign pro PDF App

A standalone app for adding handwritten electronic signatures to digital documents.

sign pro PDF API

The easy way to integrate handwritten electronic signatures into document workflows..

Wacom Ink SDKs and developer tools

Wacom Ink SDK

SDKs that enable you to augment existing apps with digital ink features, or design entirely new ones, easily and quickly.

Wacom Device Kit

The free Wacom Device Kit delivers raw pen data with all the required drivers, APIs and libraries needed to integrate Wacom devices into applications running on Windows, OSX and Android.

Enabling apps for Wacom Clipboard

CLB Create

The CLB Create app for Windows enables users to layout paper forms and create a matching digital version, including the definition of specific field types such as biometric signature fields. It works by creating and applying unique barcodes to each form, enabling the so the matching digital version can be called up as soon as the paper document is inserted into the clipboard.

CLB Paper

The CLB Paper app for iOS and Android retrieves digital documents based on a barcode printed on the paper version which can be identified and matched to a digital version by the CLB Paper software. It works by recording user input and applying handwriting recognition to the relevant compatible text fields on the form.

Signature Verification

Our software for signature verification consists of the following core products.

Signature Verification Developer tools

Dynamic Signature Verification (DSV)

DSV is software that uses the assessment of dynamic data including variables such as pen direction, stroke sequence, pen up movement, pressure, speed, etc., to help verify the authenticity of signatures against a genuine reference signature.

Static Signature Verification (SSV)

SSV is image processing software that performs an automated comparison of two scanned signatures.

Signature Scope

This restricted access application provides Qualified Forensic Document Examiners with all the data they need to determine whether a signature captured with the Wacom Ink SDK for signature is genuine.