Wacom Ink SDKs

Software development kits for digital ink

Digital ink app creation

Enabling electronic signatures and form-processing within document workflows, out-of-the-box.

Wacom Ink SDKs allow you to augment existing apps with digital ink features, or design entirely new ones. Whichever you choose to do, your benefits are the same:

  • Reduced risk: You are using proven technology built by the global market leader in digital pen technology.
  • Faster development and time to market; Develop once to add digital ink to applications on any device or platform.
  • Lower costs: Faster development with less effort means extending or building apps with digital ink functionality costs much less than you expect.

Whatever your app idea, there is a tested and proven Wacom Ink SDK to help you build it easily and quickly. What’s more, you can download a full, free evaluation of any of them today, and use them without charge until you are ready to launch your app commercially.

Wacom Ink SDK for signature

The Wacom Ink SDK for signature allows you to integrate support for Wacom signature pads or pen displays into your applications. This allows you to offer users stunning signature capture and display in a wide range of use cases across financial services, legal processes, sales transactions, and many other identity verification scenarios.

Using the Wacom Ink SDK for signature together with Wacom’s signature pads ensures text and images are displayed clearly on the screen, even after hundreds of thousands of transactions.

The Wacom Ink SDK for signature also gives you all the tools you need to:

  • Capture biometric handwritten electronic signatures within applications on Wacom STU series pen displays, pen tablets and mobile devices running Windows, iOS or Android.
  • Automatically render digital ink within documents
  • Easily integrate digital signature capture into any document workflow
  • Display dialog boxes and captures full biometric signature data that can be leveraged for a range of exciting new use cases.

Explore the features and benefits of the Wacom Ink SDK for signature in full.

Wacom Ink SDK for devices

The Wacom Ink SDK for devices allows you to integrate our Wacom hardware and third-party inking devices into your applications. The Common Device Library (CDL) SDK currently supports Wacom Smartpads (Folio, Slate and Clipboard), Intuos Pro Paper Edition and the Apple pencil on iPad Pro. Future releases will add support for additional Wacom devices, as well as inking devices from other vendors. Platform-specific packages are also available for iOS, Android, Windows, UWP/Desktop, and Web, depending on the device. Further Wacom device support is provided by the free Wacom Device Kit.

The Common Device Library (CDL) SDK within the Wacom Ink SDK for devices is designed as one library that can handle different types of pen or touch input via Wacom and third-party devices. The advantages of this approach include:

  • Less implementation effort for developers; integration of only one library, support for several pen input devices.
  • The flexibility to include support for non-Wacom devices in your applications.
  • The freedom to take full advantage of WILL™ to provide a high quality front-end and UI through optional receipt of RAW data from the device, without sacrificing the original data for internal/back-end usage.
  • Easy access to Wacom’s digital ink ecosystem through smooth integration of WILL™ technology.

Explore the features and benefits of the Wacom Ink SDK for devices in full.

Wacom Ink SDK for documents

The Wacom Ink SDK for documents supports the handling of forms that contain digital ink information, including handwritten text or signatures. This makes it perfect for applications that require or enable the integration of paper and digital workflow elements. The SDK contains the ink document metadata library you need to manage the metadata used in ink documents:

  • Ink form fields metadata enables differentiation between text and signature ink fields for form-processing use cases.
  • Mapping of unique page IDs to template pages in PDF documents.
  • Form capturing device information.
  • Content ink data stored as RAW data or compressed as WILL™ data.
  • Biometric signature data stored in FSS format.

By integrating the Wacom Ink SDK for devices, the Wacom Ink SDK for signature, and digital ink hardware such as the Wacom Clipboard, you can use Wacom’s end-to-end technology solution for any app that involves form-processing, document and signature workflows.

Explore the features and benefits of the Wacom Ink SDK for documents in full.

WILL™ SDK for ink

The WILL™ SDK for ink empowers you to include premium digital inking features in your applications by taking raw pen input data and rendering every stroke into beautiful digital ink. You can also use the WILL™ file format (.WILL™) to store and exchange ink content between applications and platforms.

WILL™ supports a variety of input technologies and generates the highest quality, most attractive digital ink outputs available via these modules:

  • Path generation and smoothing, reflecting the specific characteristics of each input type including pen movement and pressure.
  • Rasteriser providing advanced real-time stroke rendering.
  • Manipulation-supporting editing functions that leverage the WILL™ stroke mathematical model.
  • Serialisation encoding for encoding and decoding WILL™ stroke data.

The WILL™ SDK for ink also provides platform-specific packages for iOS, Android, Windows UWP and Web.

Explore the features and benefits of the WILL™ SDK for ink in full.

The Wacom Device Kit

The Wacom Device Kit delivers the raw pen position, pressure and timing data that you need to integrate Wacom devices into your applications. It consists of the following five elements:


An input library for capturing pen data from all STU-series signature pads on Windows and Linux platforms.

Bluetooth Stylus SDK

This input SDK enables discovery of and connection to stylus devices, and the receipt of raw pressure and button state data. It also includes functionality to enable Touch Rejection, so that users can maintain a natural handwriting position without disturbing the digital canvas.

The SDK includes support for the following styli:

  • Intuos® Creative Stylus
  • Intuos® Creative Stylus 2
  • Bamboo Stylus fineline
  • Bamboo Fineline 2
  • Bamboo Fineline

Wintab API

An input API for capturing data from Wacom tablets and pen displays running Windows and OSX. Compatible tablets and displays include:

  • Wacom Pen Displays
  • Wacom Pen Tablets

Wacom Digitiser Pen for Android API

An input API for integrating pen technology with applications running on Android.

Feel Multi-touch APIs

These APIs enable you to build applications that utilise the powerful finger detection and location capabilities of Wacom touch tablets. This stream of finger information can be used to create unique application features, including custom gestures or direct on-screen manipulation.

Download the free Wacom Device Kit now!

Full technical details and download instructions are available on our dedicated Developer Documentation website.